About ThoughtfulRecommendations

ThoughtfulRecommendations is a production of The Puzzle School.

While the name, ThoughtfulRecommendations, may be a bit awkward, the intention was to create a place where teachers and community members can share the things they've discovered in life that they really appreciate.

In doing this these adults, especially the teachers at The Puzzle School, would be able to get to know each other in a way that is usually quite difficult and students and parents would be able to get to know the teachers at The Puzzle School in a similar fashion.

We hope this might help students connect with adults in the community that share their interests and learn from them. We also hope that the site will become a good resource for students (and the rest of us) to discover new, great resources across a wide range of interesting subjects and just come to appreciate all of the quality that exists in the world around us more.

A Request

If you do contribute to ThoughtfulRecommendations, please be honest with your recommendations. Add things you truly love.

Please do not add thing that you think students would appreciate unless you yourself truly love it. The goal here is not to try and compel students in one direction or another and students are very good at sniffing out fake intentions, especially among adults.

Thank you :)

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