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Lexington, MA
I'm here to see what all the fuss is about. Who made this mess? Why is my keyboard unplugged? What are you doing here?!
Made on a surprisingly low budget, with little cast at all, and with very little publicity, "Monsters" follows a photographer through alternate-future Central America & Mexico where the "Monsters", a strange group of infectious aliens, have set up a temporary home on earth. The sequel, "Monsters: Dark Continent" debuted earlier this year. Definitely worth a watch!'
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Because one day we're going to all have to bow down to our bird overlords, so we better get used to our future leader's laughing.
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Bleachers, and their lead singer, Jack Antonoff (formerly of fun. and Steel Train), have been real favourites of mine for a while, and Jack's interest in alternative media has been a driving force in my working life this year. Jack just released (for free!) his 6-episode series "Thank You and Sorry" on Google Play, providing an amazing docu-drama look into the life of the band, and the life of Jack. Get it while it's still free! Who knows what it'll cost in a week!
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