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I have two passions in life: education and film.
It is a truly incredible story of the life of Paramahansa Yogananda. He shares fantastic stories about finding oneself, faith, and to what great extent the world around you can be affected as a result of karmic energy, love, and oneness.
This was a really nice hike. It wasn't too intense, there are many waterfalls, creeks and stopping points along the way to enjoy the beautiful White Mountains. And when I got to the top, the view was amazing!
This is a new email client I just got and I can't believe I was ever content with anything else. It has one-click unsubscribe, read-receipts, a gorgeous interface, and a lot more that makes handling emails a very enjoyable thing to do. Highly recommended.
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The idea of sitting down and writing a movie seems like an incredibly daunting task. This book breaks it down into pieces and puts the process into a perspective that makes it seem almost easy to understand the anatomy of a screenplay and how to write one.
This was a very refreshing book about business. Especially with so much of popular opinion being the Lean Methodology. It talks about the importance (and necessity) of having a substantial plan and proprietary idea instead of incrementally improving an idea based solely on feedback without having a strong path or plan going forward ahead of time.
I would say this documentary on the life of Marlon Brando told through entirely his own voice is the best documentary I have ever seen. The man himself shares his extremely idealistic views of equality, truth, and presence in a way that completely moved me and made me stop and think about the world around me and how I am living in it.
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