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Casual Recommendations
Not quite as interactive and educational as other multi-modal resources, but still multi-modal and the diversity of interests (design + mathematics) leads to a very nice exploration.
Multi-Modal Learning Resources

I believe the best learning is multi-modal and great visualizations mixed with text, audio, animations, etc. can really help you grasp what is going on.

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This article starts out as a critique of a Khan Academy resource for learning to code, but provides a great deal of thought into how best to support learning by giving the learner greater tools to make abstract concepts and the underlying thought process more visible and controllable.
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The visuals + animations + text here add up to a really beautiful learning resource that discusses complex numbers and fractals.
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A brilliant compilation of text, visuals, and interactives (including audio) that provide a fascinating exploration of music theory.
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One of the first Bret Victor Essays I read. A fantastic multi-modal exploration of how to most effectively explore systems by navigating up and down levels of abstraction.
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